Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Ninja Saga Chunin Exam Part 4 Tips

Ninja Saga Chunin exam Part 4 Pass Tips will give you guides and some tips on how would you defeat Kara's team in Ninja Saga Chunin exam Part 4 this is the difficult part on the chunin exam beacause even some ninja emblem cannot defeat them. buy dont lose hope cause the Ninja Saga team has slower down the difficulty level of the exam. yes even you are not an emblem user you can Pass the chunin exam. the tips Here to pass the Chunin exam is that you must Recruits some of your friends that is the same level as yours then pick one of your friends that is an emblem user or if you don't have is suggested to you is go to PVP room and find an emblem user and add him. after you have added your recruits friends inNinja saga Chunin exam go now and fight kara's team. First thing First is the one you will hit is kara because Kara is the most high damage among the the two and make sure that you have a lot of healing scroll for in case you are low life pionts. the two of your recruits will help you to shorten the life of the enemy. when you defeat Kara is already easy for you to defeat kanku the puppetninja ang sukuri the wind ninja. because there damage is so small it will not affect you. Hope This will Help in your Ninja Saga Chunin exam Part 4 Pass Tips.
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